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Title: Where the Ocean Meets the Sky
Author serenelystrange
Betas: RL friend
Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me. I write for fun, not profit.
Characters/Pairings: Parker, Eliot, Hardison. Parker/Hardison
Rating: Teen
Genre: Fluff, General
Warnings/Spoilers: Spoilers for the finale.
Word Count: 10,255
Summary: Parker drags the guys away to Las Vegas for some fun. A mish-mash of fluff and feels, and a little bit of work commences! - Written for the reverse bigbang, for cybel's lovely art. Hope you like it! Sorry if it doesn't live up to whatever you imagined, :)
Links: AO3- http://archiveofourown.org/works/1211854
Originally posted by stoney321 at 911 - 911 - 911 - need help for an unnamed/not online friend
Is anyone aware of a shelter/organization with a proven track record in Houston for abused women? I'm not looking for what can be googled, I'm looking for a place that is KNOWN to help women get out of situations right after being contacted, for a place/organizations that is known for maintaining anonymity for their safety and a place that can deal with an abused woman who has children.

This person is a business executive who will need help regaining control over her finances, but take away that this means she won't require long-term placement in a shelter, just that push to get legal balls rolling.

I am leaving this post open on the chance that anyone scrolling by in the HOUSTON, TX area might see this. ETA If so, PLEASE MESSAGE ME OR COMMENT HERE and I will [privately] get you in contact with the SAFE PLACE to help you.


Happy Birthday, longsufferingly!!

I hope it's a good one!

(Sorry to anyone whose birthday I may have missed. I'm awful about remembering things, and LJ emails are so sporadic and temperamental.)
Title: Your Forever
Pairing: Parker/Sophie, Parker/Sophie/Hardison
Words: 2,314
Genre(s): Romance/Humor
Rating: Rated: M(ish)

Summary: In which Parker and Sophie hook up at Sophie's wedding, and it kind
of devolves from there... Basically, my friend Mary wanted some Parker/Sophie
fluff. Somehow it became that plus some Parker/Hardison, plus some



I'm not one for big rambling posts about the end of one year and the beginning of another.

Basically, besides some really lovely spots, 2012 kind of sucked.

I'm just hoping 2013 is better!

Anyone want a Holiday Card?

If yes, leave your name and address here!
Comments will be screened, so nobody but you and I will be able to see them.
Feel free to specify if your holiday of choice, :)
You have no obligation to send one back!

And so it begins!

I'm only up to 7,000 words, I need 50,000 by the end of the month, and I honestly don't know if I'll be able to do it.

Why do I sign up for these things? lol.

In life news: I'm working at Target for the Holiday season. Hopefully after that, too. But at least until January.

Life with the new roomie is going well. Not much to report.

Tired as fuck at the moment, so I'm probably going to bed. My life is dull.

Anyhoo. Hope all you that are left here are doing well!

Title: Sweet & Easy
Author: serenelystrange
Words: 1,112
Genre(s): Romance/Humor
Rating: Rated: T
Spoilers: Nope.

Summary: Just a little domestic OT3 fic I've been promising to write for my friend for almost two years. Clearly, I suck. 
Eliot makes Parker and Hardison chocolate chip pancakes. Sappiness and snark ensue. Hope you like! Reviews are love. Set in a indeterminate point after season 1. Doesn't really matter for the purpose of the story.

Link to FF here or below beneath the cut: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8639453/1/

Fic...Collapse )
Happy birthday to the lovely fahrbotdrusilla, whenbuffysmiles, and diet!

Hope you all have fantastic days!
Artist: chef_geekier
Link to art: http://chef-geekier.livejournal.com/45612.html
Title: Where There Ain't No Rain or Snow(A Place Called Home) pt2
Author: serenelystrange
Beta(s): Non-LJ friend
Disclaimer They are not mine. Don't sue me!
Characters/Pairings: Hardison/Ashley, Parker/Hardison, Sophie/Nate, Eliot, Sterling
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Het, Drama, Romance
Warnings/spoilers: Not really. Highly AU.
Word Count: 10,625
Summary: Written for chef_geekier's fabulous art.(http://chef-geekier.livejournal.com/45612.html)
High school AU. When Hardison is placed in Nate & Sophie's foster care, he is determined to just make it until his 18th birthday, when he can escape the system. But against his better judgement, he finds himself caught up in life and love, and foster siblings who might just think they're detectives...

Read more...Collapse )